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Composite Doors

Our Composite door collection is a brekthrough in door technology, combining proven levels of high security with customised looks.

Some of their unique features including:


* Featuring Yale Locks as standard *      *  Automatic slam locking system *       * Keyless Entry systems *       * Exceptionally high thermal efficiency*                                    


                 *Resistance to scratches and dents *         * True Aesthetics of wood *          * Low maintenance *


                                          * Also available as Fire Doors*        *Superior Sound Insulation*


each door features a slab that contains an inner core of exceptionally high thermal efficiency which also acts as a superior sound insulating component

express yourself by contrasting or complementing these colour options for your door!


our vast range of bevels, stains and fusion jewels add the perfect personal touch to any door style

take a look at our brochures


Choose looks from classic and elegant to bold and Contemporary

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